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Crosswords 57

Last round solution - here (by Fel)
Hey guys! Another round from Junpei for you.

This round's theme is Dead or Alive characters! Big breasts, bikinis, beaches, and... oh, fighting games? That's right, another fighter-themed round, sorry for being so boring with this :D You can check this month's deck donations for hints.


5. A girl who grew up in a wealthy family from China, she has a sense of justice and an independent spirit.
7. A ninja who ran away from home to avenge her older brother.
8A. A shinobi from the ninja clan, he used to be a karate master while having amnesia.
10. A cold-blooded, sadistic assasin with silver hair.
11. A legendary ninja, who first appeared as a guest character from the Ninja Gaiden series.

1. A karate fighter and a college student of German origin, she wants to prove her skills and to find her former love intrest.
2. The youngest male in the series, a calm boy who becomes very impatient when battling.
3. A two-faced woman, who works both as a serious scientist and a masked luchadora wrestler.
4. An eccentric DJ, who competes for money and fame. Also owns a tropical island.
6. Current master of the ninja clan, she was sent on a mission to kill her former friend for abandoning their village.
8D. The daughter of the former head of DOATEC and current CEO of that company. She used to be an opera singer.
9. A cheerful blonde wrestler, model, actress and rock star, who dreams to become a star in Hollywood.

Have fun guys! Remember, I accept answers in both image and text form, whichever one suits you more. You can win 1 random card for each 3 names, so 4 random cards in total.

This round closes on 14th June CLOSED!, Central Europe time!
Tags: biweekly, crossword, games, mod: raven

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