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Colors Universe Open Fic and Art Submission (Aug - Sep)

Drawing thanks to Eri!

Guess what? Colors TCG now has it's own little universe with some cool characters waiting for you to explore! We need your help in expanding this universe to make it substantial. Characters are still being designed every month, but for now, we want fic and art surrounding Akai-san and Mikan-tan!

For both fic and art, please refer to the Colors Universe page for Akai-san and Mikan-tan's designs! Your contribution here should be based off those designs. <3

One day, we will have decks of these characters too, which means any art you submit might end up as a card! But for now, we just want some more lovely artwork of these two characters on the site. The artwork section is so lonely and empty.

Guidelines for submitting art:
♥ Your artwork must be of either Akai-san, Mikan-tan, or both!
♥ Your art must be in color.
♥ Your art must be at least 400 px wide (and will actually be resized to 400 px wide for the site, but larger images are always awesome).
♥ You must save your art as either a gif, png, or jpg.
♥ You may submit up to three pieces of artwork (you can submit more but will receive no rewards for them).
♥ Rewards are as follows:
-full body shot = 4 random cards, 1 random crayon
-upper body = 2 random cards, 1 random crayon
-both characters in the same shot = 4 random cards, 1 random crayon (regardless of whether or not we see all of them)

Here are some themes and situations you can consider to jog your creativity. ;) They're optional~
♥ have some oranges!
♥ do these look good on me?
♥ mirror, mirror
♥ new earrings
♥ inappropriate use of slippers
♥ who are you looking at?
♥ thirst
♥ playing it cool

I'd really love some individual artwork of the characters and some where they're interacting!

When submitting your art, please comment below, label the subject of your comment with ART, and then use the form below.

As you can see, there's no fic at all yet! Our characters are still so mysterious! It might be hard to come up with fic out of nothing, but now it's all up to you to fill out the personalities of these characters~. I'm thinking that most fic will be kind of slice-of-life type fics without much continuity, but perhaps you'll surprise me? Akai-san and Mikan-tan both have short blurbs about them (very short blurbs) and some art that you should base their character off of.

♠ Your fic must be about Akai-san, Mikan-tan, or both of them together.
♠ Your fic must be at least 200 words long.
♠ Your fic must use one of the themes/situations below (even if it's in a very minor way)
♠ If your fic fits in an LJ comment, post your fic directly as a comment (or even as several comments in the same thread). If not, please send in either a doc, txt, or rtf file.
♠ You may submit up to three separate pieces. You may submit more, but you'll only receive rewards for 3 pieces.
♠ Rewards are as follows:
-over 200 words: 2 random cards, 1 random crayon
-over 500 words: 3 random cards, 1 random crayon
-over 1000 words: 4 random cards, 1 random crayon

Please pick one of these themes/situations to use in your writing!
♠ meeting Mikan-tan
♠ shopping
♠ back in the day
♠ the bestest Nii-tan ever
♠ a game of cards
♠ food
♠ music
♠ an easy solution

When submitting your fic, please comment below, label the subject of your comment with FIC, and then use the form below.

I look forward to submissions! This post will be open until September 30th. I might periodically put fic and art up on the site (but might take a while to do this). After September 30th, there will be a round up post with all the contributions made in this period. The next open fic and art submission post will include new themes and our next new character for us to work with. ;)

Please feel free to discuss the characters below as well! If you have ideas and want to talk them over, feel free to comment! And do comment in reply to any submissions you see if you want to squeal over them. (this is why you need to label your submissions with ART or FIC so I don't skip over them thinking they're just normal comments~)

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