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Contest 001 - Design Akai-san! has now ended ;)

Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who voted. The entries were a joy to see, and the voter turn out was great too. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for the second contest, which I will have up very soon. There were suggestions for possible writing contests featuring the characters to get writers involved. Perhaps this will be feasible after the second contest ends so Akai-san can get some interaction with our second character. The possibilities are endless!

The winner of Design Akai-san was Akai-san #1, drawn by ladybahamoth! Congrats!

And now I will showcase everyone's full size images. ♥ They were all really awesome. Full size makes everything better. Perhaps I should link them in the voting post next time? In my mind, Akai-san #3 is totally this guy's sister. And gosh, I cannot get over how pretty Akai-san #6 is. |D

Akai-san #1 - HikaruKibou / ladybahamoth
Akai-san #2 - Lucius / chromoplasted
Akai-san #3 - Nem / plusqueparfait
Akai-san #4 - Norkia / flag
Akai-san #5 - Crystal / angel_of_faith
Akai-san #6 - Chuu / achuu
Akai-san #7 - Kidalanna / kidalanna (earring, back image)
Akai-san #8 - Babs / chibibabs

If you're one of the participants, drop a comment below, and I'll hand out participation prizes (and the winning prize as well for ladybahamoth).

I put up a new (very simple) website layout featuring Akai-san. Hopefully this layout is less annoying than the previous one, and it should work in IE too. Let me know if there's anything funky with it.
Tags: contest, mod:lucathia, monthly
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