March 15th, 2011

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Design Gin-sensei! voting

It's voting time for our labcoat-wearing sensei! :D Below we have cool and cute designs for Gin-sensei~. Please take a look at the full sizes and extras submitted with each and choose the Gin-sensei you'd like to see featured as part of Colors Universe! I've also included a second question about our last Colors Universe character~.

Guidelines for Gin-sensei's appearance were as follows:
♥ Gin-sensei's hair must be silver and Gin-sensei must wear predominantly silver.
♥ Gin-sensei must wear glasses, a necktie, and dress shoes.
♥ Gin-sensei must wear a lab coat.
♥ Gin-sensei must wear or have chains.

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Please take a little time to vote! 8D

Voting closes on March 22 at 12 PM PST time (GMT -8). Once you make your vote, please comment below saying you voted to earn 2 random cards! Participants and the winner will receive their participation rewards after voting ends.

Poll #1718319 Design Gin-sensei!
This poll is closed.

Which Gin-sensei would you like to see as Colors TCG's official Gin-sensei?

Gin-sensei 01
Gin-sensei 02
Gin-sensei 03
Gin-sensei 04
Gin-sensei 05

The last Colors Universe character is our mascot! Our mascot should be...

If both, they should be designed separately!
If both, they should be designed together!
ticky box =P

Beauty Pageant 21

Welcome to the Colors TCG Beauty Pageant! ♥ This is a scavenger hunt game where I'll give specific criteria for "contestants", and you'll find me an image that matches the description.

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This round's category will be Cell Phones!
Since mine decided to spaz on me today

This round's categories:

☆ REQUIRED: A character using or holding onto a cell phone (Worth 3 random cards)

The character is wearing something brown -or- the phone has a charm/strap attached to it (Worth 1 card)

The character is wearing something brown -and- the phone has a charm/strap attached to it (Worth 1 crayon)

You can earn a total of 4 cards and 1 crayon this round. Submit your answers by March 29!