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Contest 009 - Design Shirocchi and Kurocchi!

Welcome to our last "Design" contest! Wow, I didn't think we'd get this far! We already have our 8 Colors characters. Now, we just need to welcome their pets! That's right, this is a contest to design Colors's mascots!

After Gin-sensei returned from his most recent expedition, he brought along two strange creatures, one that was pure white and one that was pure black. He named them Shirocchi and Kurocchi respectively for their colors, though they also had strange markings, so I guess we can't say they're pure white or black? Anyway...

Your task is to design both Shirocchi and Kurocchi together in one image! After submissions close, voting will be open for 1 week. I will have entries up in one post where people can place their vote. The submission with the most votes will become our official Shirocchi and Kurocchi. You must allow your art to be used in the TCG in graphics such as banners, icons, and cards. Be prepared to have your art featured as the model for future pics of Shirocchi and Kurocchi!

Shirocchi's appearance
♪ Shirocchi must be predominantly white.
♪ Shirocchi must have long ears, whiskers, and a fluffy tail.
♪ Shirocchi must wear anklets.
♪ Shirocchi must have markings on its face and chest.

Kurocchi's appearance
♪ Kurocchi must be predominantly black.
♪ Kurocchi must have pointy ears, horns, and a pair of wings.
♪ Kurocchi must have a bell somewhere (an actual, physical, bell!).
♪ Kurocchi must have markings on its back and/or lower body.

It is up to you if you wish to dress them up in clothes or not. *g* They should be non-human though! Mascots please!

Other guidelines
♪ Your art must feature Shirocchi and Kurocchi in the same pic, and they must both be completely visible! (meaning, no part of them should be cut off in the pic, but it's fine if either of them partly covers the other)
♪ Shirocchi and Kurocchi must be mascot-type characters. Not humans!
♪ Your art must be original and drawn by you!
♪ Drawings must be at least 600px wide and saved as a gif/png/jpg file. I will resize your image for voting, but I will also link your original and any extras you wish to include.
♪ Only one submission is allowed per member. Please do not send me variations with other designs. I will only take one submission. You are free to include other views of the characters, but I will only display one view in the voting post. I will link the rest.
♪ Send your submissions in by email to rykatu[at]yahoo[dot]com> as an attachment. Make sure to label the subject of the email with "Colors TCG Shirocchi and Kurocchi submission - your name". Please include the name you use in the TCG since not all emails match up with names.
♪ Please do not post your art elsewhere until voting ends.
♪ The deadline is April 22 at Noon, 12 PM PST time (GMT -8).
♪ TCG players who've won more than one contest may not enter again~, but everyone else is free to enter! <3
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