Goodbye, LJ!

So, it's official! After three years of operating at Livejournal, we (and you, considering your support under our previous post) have decided to move to Dreamwidth. We hope that it means more new players and less bugs and technical problems in the future.

The move begins at JUNE 1ST. For the next 2-3 weeks, most of the posts will be linked here as well, but we plan to cease all activity at LJ around the end of June. The Trade and Mod communities are also moving, as do all the permanent posts. You will be able to find all the new links in our Info section, which will be updated soon. Thanks to the import feature, all of the other posts have also been copied, so we're not starting with a blank page!

Here are the links to all our new communities:
Colors TCG future DW community
Colors Trade future DW community
Colors Mod future DW community

So, what do YOU need to do now?

1. Get a DW account, if you don't have one yet. If you want to move while keeping your LJ posts, or simply DW is something entirely new to you, Fel's tutorial is there to help you.
2. Move your card post (optional). You can just copypaste it, since DW runs on the same codes as LJ. Of course, you can keep your post at LJ, same way as you could have it at DW before the move, but at least make a post for people to comment on DW. We may get some new players with no LJ accounts at all!
3. Go to the Information change post and report with your DW username (and new card post, if neccessary!).
4. Enjoy tons of new, awesome stuff over the next several months! There will be lots of things happening on Colors soon, so you better not miss it! Check the rest of the post to learn about them.

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Hello Colors! This post is here to remind you that we have moved to Dreamwidth! Our community is very much alive and kicking—Release 38 has recently been posted, so come on over and join us!

If you don't have a DW account or are unsure about moving, we're prepared this guide to assist you. We hope to see you there! If you'd rather quit the TCG instead, please drop a comment with a link to your card post over here.

Finally, if you are inactive or would like to go on hiatus, feel free to drop a comment here and I'll adjust your status accordingly. o>

seiyuu guess 124

Heads up, you all! The new round of Seiyuu Guess is now up and running, so please come on over and play!

If you still don't have a dreamwidth account organised then feel free to post your answer here this time. Please do consider setting up a DW account soon though! In a few more weeks content will be being posted exclusively at the Dreamwidth community, and I do not want to miss any of you guys :[ /beckonssss
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Conan's Clues 147

Las week's answer was Zack from Dead of Alive.

Conan met a guy who lived a normal life of a teenager until he accidentally ended up releasing a space pirate from a cave she was sealed in. Long story short, he ended up with a bunch of alien girls living in his house. In addition to that, he found out many strange facts about himself and his family... Conan, you wish that this happened to you, don't try to hide it.

Tell Conan his name and series he comes from to get two cards. This round ends on Thursday, June 6th CLOSED NOW!